The Blue Lady of Moss Beach

Highway 1 just south of San Francisco is the site of the Moss Beach Distillery.  The restaurant used to be a speakeasy in the 1920’s, and was frequented by a lot of unsavory and flamboyant characters. The beautiful young lady was murdered nearly 70 years ago on the beach by her jealous boyfriend, when she was caught with the piano player at the bar. Waitresses, chefs, and customers have witnessed her phantom standing near the piano or dancing alone in deserted rooms. She once even called one of the male  busboys who resembled one of her lovers. Other spirits have been seen here, including the ghost of the piano player.

There’s been a lot of rumors as to who the Blue Lady is. Many names have been attributed to her and her past is not readily known. It is possible that the Blue Lady seen is several different ghosts. I’ll be doing more research on this location and will post more later.




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