St. Louis Cardinals Game 20 – My Take

As I’ve said before, when Adam Wainwright starts I believe the Cardinals have the greatest chance to win. He’s been outstanding all year and last night was no different. He went 8 and 1/3 innings of shut out ball, striking out ten while walking his first batter of the year. (At the best time.) He allowed five hits and only one of those went for an extra base hit.  He now stands at 4-1 with an 1.93 era.  You can’t pitch any better than what he has so far this year. To top it off, I believe the Cardinals have finally found them a closer. Mujica came in and threw two pitches and got two outs to notch his third save. If the bullpen has settled and the starting pitching remains what it has been, then they are going to be tough to beat. 

Allen Craig seems to be heating up although he still hasn’t hit his first home run yet. It’ll come and they’ll come around a lot. Matt Holliday smoked a pitch and it came damn close to sticking in the wall. The lack of power has been unnerving. They’ve only hit sixteen homers, though I know that’ll change. David Freese and John Jay really need to get it going.

All in all they’ve been playing great so far. They’ll go for the sweep tomorrow as Jaime Garcia matches up with Steven Strassburg.


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