St. Louis Cardinals Game 23 – My Take

Quick note, as I write this, I’m extremely tired and have no idea why I’m still up at 5:45 in the morning. I always try to keep my typos down to the minimum but I make no such guarentees right now. So anyway, on with the game that was horrifying to watch in the seventh inning.

Jake Westbrook is the type of pitcher that will give you six to seven good quality innings per start. Yesterday, he did that, against a team he’s struggled against. He threw good pitches when he had to, got out of jams when he had to and overall pitched good enough to win the game. Unfortunately the bullpen had a serious meltdown in the seventh. It started with Joe Kelly to Trevor Rosenthal to Marc Rzepczynski to Fernando Salas. Mitchell Boggs pitched the ninth. What’s a shame is the fact the starters keep pitching good and the bullpen keeps messing it up. Though Jason Motte might be coming back soon which will be a big shot in the arm. Not to make any excuses, a big problem for the bullpen was the nasty weather. As for the hitting, I’m still mystified about it. A day they banged out thirteen hits and dine runs they only scored three and had five hits. Honestly they’re too good of a team to be like that. It’s as if something was missing to bring it all together. To finish out this three game set, the Cards look to Shelby Miller.



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