St. Louis Cardinals Game 25 – My Take

Adam Wainwright pitched like he normally does. He went seven innings, gave up four hits and struck out six. he got the loss. Why?  Not the bullpen this time because Randy Choate and Trevor Rosenthal were great. The reason is what’s been wrong all year. Lack of hitting. Three home runs in the last seven games and those were all hit in the same game. We can’t score runs. Three in the last three games. It’s bad and I can’t understand why they’re so damn streaky. They’re due, oh, are they do.  The triumverant of Holliday, Craig, and Freese have hit two homers, both by Holliday. They need to star hitting. The great starting pitching we’ve been getting won’t last all year. We’re 14-11 and we could be 19-6. Let that thought sink in. 

On another note, Marc Rzepczynski wes sent down and Seth Maness from triple A.

Next up, Jaime Garcia goes against Bronson Arroyo.



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