St. Louis Cardinals Game 27 – My Take

Unfortunately I missed the first six innings of this game, but from what I heard it was great. Lance Lynn  just kept doing what Lance Lynn’s been doing , improving to 5-0. He also went deep into the game,doing seven innings and throwing 110 pitches. Right now that rotation is outstanding. Trevor Rosenthal came into the eighth and was great. That’s two great performances in a role and what was even better, it only took him seven pitches. As a reliever, you can’t be much better than that. The “Chief” came in and picked up his sixth save, though he did give up a solo homerun to Brandon Phillips. I firm;y believe the Cardinals are better than the Reds. Big reason, pitching. IF the bullpen straitens out, and it’s been better the last couple of days,  they will be tough to beat. Think of this, the vaunted Reds offense only scored five runs in that series and since that nine run ninth inning on the home opener, the Reds have only scored six. Six runs in five games. Let that sink in.

As for the offense, it’s showing signs. Beltran  hit another homerun (7) and the Cards banged out ten hits.  They’re about ready to erupt. The biggest issue is the lack of power from Craig and Freese. I’m waiting for them to take off and I know they will soon. They’re both too good. 

Next up is Milwaukee and Jake Westbrook going for that ever elusive 100th career win.


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