St. Louis Cardinals Game 28 – My Take

Due to other commitments, I missed the first few innings, but when I started watching, It was great to see the Cards with a 6-0 lead. I was hoping they could pile on some runs, but alas, the offense is still sputtering, though it was nice seeing Jay and Freese getting a couple of hits apiece. Jake Westbrook, (who my brother does not care for) pitched really good again. Though his era rose a bit (From 0.98 to 1.07!) he pitched well enough to get hos 100th career win. When you leave with a five run lead, you should get the win easily. But guess what? MELTDOWN! Again the bullpen couldn’t hold the lead. Kelly, Boggs, Rosenthal (Though he did pitch good) and even Mujica gave up runs. The madness has to stop. Mujica gets the  benefit though. He’s pitched good all season. The starters have been phenomenal and it’s time for the other phases of the game to catch up.The hitting needs to get better and I have a feeling that it might not be too long before Tavaras gets here. Also, Mitchell Boggs has been sent down to correct himself and hopefully get better. Brought up was uber prospect Carlos Martinez. He of the electric 100mph cannon.

Tonight’s match up pits Shelby Miller going after his fourth win against former Cardinal, Kyle Lohse.


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