St. Louis Cardinals Game 33

Unfortunately I missed the first few innings so I don’t have much to go on for the first five innings. I know that Jake Westbrook struggled a bit BUT he did keep them in the game and sometimes that’s just as important. And no, I don’t expect his era to stay where it’s at (1.63) but he gives you a good game almost every night and they way he’s pitched so far this year, well he’s allowed a clunker or two. Then the bullpen came on. Seth “Mr. Ground Ball Double Play” Maness got out of the sixth with a double play and then the seventh with one. He’s pitched in three games and has two wins (The same amount as Westbrook). So Rosenthal comes in and strikes out Starlin Castro and made him look silly but walks the next batter. Choate gives up a hit to make it first and third but then gets another double play! And the chief comes into the ninth and gets his ninth save. The bullpen is starting to come around. This could be a very special year if it does .

After a clunker hitting the ball last night, the lineup did it’s job today. Though down 4-2 at one point they chipped away. MattyCarp, Yadi, Beltran, and Jon Jay all made major contributions in the later innings.  This offense with Carlos Beltran hitting second is lethal. My only concern is David Freese, who still isn’t hitting. He has all of four rbi’s this year. He’s so due right now and hopefully can start taking off. By the way, Oscar Tavares is stating to light it up in triple a. It might not be too much longer. They have an off day before they play at home against Colorado with Shelby Miller going after his fifth win.


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