Alice The Ghost of The Hermitage South Carolina

Impetuous and strong-willed, Alice Bellin Flagg committed the unpardonable sin of the mid-19th century: desiring to marry a man beneath her family’s social station. When her brother, Dr. Allard Flagg, the acting head of the household, learns of her infatuation with a common lumberman, he immediately sends her off to boarding school in Charleston, South Carolina. It is only a short time before Alice contracts a fatal illness and must return to her home. Upon Alice’s return, she lapses into a coma and dies. While her body is being prepared for burial, a ring on a ribbon is discovered around her neck. Clearly, Alice had accepted a ring from the lumberman as a symbol of his love. Not able to accept the reality of this, Alice’s brother pulls the ring from her corpse and throws in into the marsh. Yet, with her tragic death in 1849, Alice’s story does not end. She was buried at All Saints’ Waccamaw Episcopal Church near Pawleys Island. Alice reportedly has been seen in the area on numerous occasions in the form of a ghost. There are stories about sightings of Alice, followed by strange happenings. Some say when a group of young people stood at her grave site, a ring suddenly flew off the finger of one of the girls. She had been unable to remove the ring for some time, but it mysteriously flew off. It took much of the day to relocate the ring, which the girl treasured. Alice has been seen many times near her final resting place, behind the wrought-iron gates of All Saint’s Churchyard. Through the years, many guests at the Hermitage have seen a vivid, life-like Alice standing in her old bedroom. She is always wearing a long white dress, as if dressed for a wedding. And always, she appears to be searching endlessly for her lost ring. And although she died over 140 years ago, she is often seen by visitors to this day


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