St. Louis Cardinals Game 34

I have never seen a no-hitter pitched. I’ve watched so many games in my life that I literally couldn’t give you a number. I do recall listening to a little bit of Bud Smith’s no-hitter back in 2001, but that’s about it. The closest I have ever come to watching one happened tonight. Shelby Miller gives up a broken-bat lead-off single and then set down the next 27 batters he faced. UNREAL! INSANE! That’s how you pitch in the big leagues. I literally had goose bumps as the twenty-two year-old Texan rode the flames of adrenaline by striking out the last batter (His 13th of the game!) on a 95 mph heater. That’s Justin Verlander territory. Most pitches decrease in pitch speed as a game goes on but there are a few that seem to throw harder as the game goes on. Nolan Ryan was like that as is Verlander. Now we see Shelby Miller doing it. I keep gushing over this but that kind of dominance is just incredible. Even Troy Tulowitzki asked the umpire, “How am I supposed to hit that?” 

As for the hitting, the Cards banged out ten hits, including Beltran’s ninth homer of the year. Though they scored three runs, they have to do better.They left way too many runners on base, including the bases loaded and only one out. That’s not going to cut it against the Rockies who are one of the best scoring teams in  the league.

Next up is Adam Wainwright trying to right himself after a lackluster performance in his last start. 


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