St. Louis Cardinals Game 35

If anyone thought that Shelby Miller’s game was incredible, well Adam Wainwright almost one-upped him, which is extremely hard to do considering Shelby threw a one-hitter the previous night. Waino went into the eighth inning with a no-no but a one-out single ended  it. What Shelby and Waino did: 18 IP  O runs 3 hits 20 strikeouts and 1 walk. In between hits they set down 40 in a row before a walk stopped that. They went through 50 batters in the lineup before allowing a hit. In two games Colorado is 3-57. WOW! Jaime Garcia, who pitches tomorrow, is probably wondering how he’s supposed to top that. The bullpen hasn’t pitched in three days either, so their well rested. My only complaint is again scoring runs. I know with how the starting has been you don’t have to score a lot but when you have thirteen hits you should score more than three runs. Holliday rolled his ankle over in the ninth and was taken out but it shouldn’t be serious. He’ll most likely get the day off tomorrow. Next up is Jaime Garcia as he trys to be the fourth Cards pitcher with five wins.


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