If followers and readers of this blog have noticed, I haven’t written much but the blogs of Cardinals games the last few days. Well I’ve been busy. Alan had his 8th grade graduation and I’ve had other things going on. I haven’t even hardly been on twitter, which is where I’m at most of the time when I’m online. Tomorrow will be different. I have a blah day so I can hopefully post a lot on here and twitter. My all-time teams are almost done. I only have two more. I’ll be posting more ghost stories and Chapter 8, part one of my novel should be posted. Also, I promise to get to everyone’s blogs that I follow or who follow me. I’ve gotten behind on them but I promise to get caught up. From what I’ve read of most of them, they’re all really good. One I want to shout out to is sophiebowns.wordpress.com. Check her blog out. She is a really good writer and she needs more support and followers.  I’m also working on a blog about American Idol. I hope to have it done by Thursday. (Not making promises!) 

Anyway, again, everyone that’s liked my posts, left comments, and followed this blog; thank you so very much. I do appreciate it all. I’ve had over 1200 hits and I have now almost three times as many followers as I did last year. It may not seem much but to me, it means a lot. And to all the mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!


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