Haunted Inns

Planters  Inn

In the early 1800’s, The Planter’s Inn in Charleston,SC, was recognized as the finest hotel anywhere in the south. Presidents and dignitaries from around the world graced it’s halls. Later to become the Dock Street Theater, many still grace it’s halls. Among the most intriguing and often sighted is a beautiful lady with flaming red hair. Actress, hotel patron, or “soiled dove”? No one knows, her identity is lost to history. She is always seen on the upper levels of the theater.

The Cary House

Known as the The Jewel of Placerville, the Cary House Hotel has been catering to guests since 1857 when it was known as the finest hotel in gold country. Today, it continues the tradition of old time hospitality and service. It is also said to be one of the city’s most haunted sites. One of the ghosts is said to be a man named Stan, a former Cary House desk clerk who’d been stabbed to death when he reportedly made a pass at the wrong person. Today, this impish ghosts allegedly likes to pinch people’s behinds. Room 212 is said to host the spirit of an old horse and wagon operator who died in the room. While you’re there beware of the old elevator as it has been known to make unmanned trips up and down the four story building.

Thias House Bed & Breakfast

Located in Washington, Mo, this historic 1888 home has left more than one person with the feeling that something supernatural is in the house. Customers coming in for lunch and touring the home have seen the apparition of a lady combing her hair at the dresser in the master bedroom, someone touching their shoulder in the attic, and the lady with the long hair and Victorian clothing has been seen coming down the grand staircase. The spirit of a cat also roams the house and has been seen jumping across the furniture and scurrying around the corner. The sound of a cat crying has been heard on more than one occasion when there are no cats anywhere to be seen. Bed & Breakfast guests have been visited by the invisible bat flying around them in the evening. On searching for it, the bat seems to have vanished in to thin air


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