St. Louis Cardinals Game 37

I worry so much about the Cards when they play weaker teams. I think they’re going to play down to those teams. One team is the New York Mets. They’re a team that’s been losing and not hitting and the Cards have been playing pretty good, so there was  lots to be worried about. And it started off that way. Lance Lynn couldn’t find the strike zone  early and had thrown 54 pitches by the third inning. So there was a lot of worry about him going very far. With score 3-3 going to the third something happened; both pitchers settled down over the next four innings. Mets starter Jeremy Hefner went six innings and was pulled. Lynn went seven, throwing 124 pitches. In the bottom of the seventh, something miraculous happened. With one out, Ty Wiggington had a pinch hit double that just eluded new Mets centerfielder Rick Ankiel. On the next pitch, Matt Carpenter laced an infield single off the foot of Scott Rice that went all the way into foul territory. Wiggington raced past third and beat the throw home to give the Cards a 4-3 lead. It also put Lynn in line for another win. It was a big momentum changer, the kind that can send a team on a long winning streak. Two batters later, Matt Holliday lost one in the left centerfield bleachers that gave the Cards a 6-3 lead.  It almost became 8-3 when Molina hit a double that just barely stayed in the park. It bouned over the fence and Allen Craig who had singled, stopped at third. John Jay though struck out to end the inning. Choate and Rosenthal set down the eighth. The Chief came in the ninth and notched his tenth save in as many tries. 

With a Pittsburgh loss to Milwaukee and the Reds idle, the Cards moved up a bit after losing ground Sunday. Also of note, I wonder how long they keep Carlos Martinez up. He kind of got roughed up a bit Sunday (It happens) and with Mitchell Boggs seemingly regaining his confidence again down in AAA, I think it’s going to happen real soon. Martinez needs to be pitching more. Rick Ankiel made his first start for the Mets after signing Monday. It’s good to see him catching on, he’s one fo my favorites. Next up is John Gast making his major league debut Tuesday night against the Mets.


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