St. Louis Cardinals Games 39 & 40

Game 39

Shelby Miller was trying to follow up his incredible one-hit outing and after striking out the first two batters it looked like he was but alas David Wright singled up the middle. Shelby did strike out the next batter. He didn’t have his best stuff and he only went 5 2/3 innings but he didn’t allow any runs. Though he left with a two-run lead he didn’t get a decision due to the fact that Rick Ankiel homered off of Seth Maness. The Cards did pick up two runs to take the lead. Trevor Rosenthal and Edward Mujica pitched followed up and gave the Cards the win. Shelby’s era so far this year is now 1.40. That’s just incredible. Still after pounding the ball the last few days they didn’t do much this game. Still, they eeked out enough hits to win.

Game 40

Going for the sweep, the Cards sent out Adam Wainwright and that’s usually a recipe for success and after the Cards took a 1-0 lead, they seemed to be on their way. But the Mets were determined not to let it happen. Daniel Murphy, who played like he was Rod Carew, went 3-4 and smoked a double that went threw the right field wall. David Wright also had several hit and several rbi’s en route to a 5-2 loss for the Cards. I know people are going to complain about high pitch counts but that isn’t it.  Their hitting still isn’t clicking on all cylinders.  They need to stop hitting into so many double plays for one. Another is the need for a fourth outfielder. Shane Robinson is not the answer to that. He’s a plucky kid but he’s not good enough for what the Cards are asking from him.

Milwaukee comes into town and the Cards really need to lay into them, Jaime Garcia is scheduled to make the start on Friday.


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