1998-2013 All-Time Tampa Bay Rays Team

Line Up

1B Carlos Pena                           2007

2B Ben Zobrist                           2009

SS Julio Lugo                             2005

3B Evan Longoria                     2009

LF Carl Crawford                     2005

CF Rocco Baldelli                      2003

RF Aubrey Huff                         2003

C    John Flaherty                     1999

DH Fred McGriff                       1999


C   Toby Hall                               2002

IF Jorge Cantu                          2005

IF Ty Wiggington                     2006

OF Jose Canseco                       1999

OF BJ Upton                              2007

Pitching Staff

SP David Price                          2012

SP James Shields                     2011

SP Matt Garza                          2010

SP Rolando Arrojo                  1998

SP Scott Kazmir                       2007

RP Danny Baez                         2005

RP Kyle Farnsworth               2011

RP Roberto Hernandez         1999

RP Esteban Yan                       2001

RP Rafael Soriano                   2010

RP Fernando Rodney            2012

MGR Joe Maddon                   2008 

Notes: The last team in the series. The Rays only go back to 1998 and have been to one World Series.  Scott Kazmir won only 13 games in 07 but pitched better than record. Not a lot of good pitchers until recently. Canseco made team because of great year, his last big year in the league. Not much after him. TB has never had a great shortstop. Honorable Mention; Miguel Cairo (1999), Travis Lee (2003), Brendan Harris (2007), Gerald Williams (2000), Edwin Jackson (2008), Dan Wheeler (2008), and Lance Carter (2003).


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