Some Changes and Things

The first thing you’ll notice is the background color change. I may keep and I may not. It worked really good on my old website so I’m going to try it here.I wanted to do something different with my blog’s two year anniversary coming up. Hard to believe that, isn’t it. Two years ago tomorrow my blog started. I didn’t know how long it would last and to tell you the truth it wasn’t probably going to be much longer. I just didn’t want to keep up with it. There were times when I would go months without posting. There were times when I went days without any page views. But then something funny happened a few months ago. I started posting a little bit more, starting with my All Time Major League Teams set (Which is done by the way!), some more ghost stories, and my own stories and such. But the biggest was when I started blogging about the Cardinals this year. I’ve had more posts, more visitors, more likes, and more followers. the last few months have really been incredible. My twitter has also increased which has meant more page visits. I guess good things come to those who are patient. Anybody starting a blog should give it time and it will happen. Oh, and to those who like my blog and now follow me, trust me I do go back and visit yours. It may take me a bit but I do visit. I also want to thank a young lady who helped me get back to writing more. Reading some of her stories on her blog kind of helped me out of a writing funk. I’m writing more on my novel and I have a few more waiting to do. So thanks, Sophie. You may not know it or realize it, but your passion for writing helped get me writing again. 

You can read and follow her blog here. SophieBowns

I’m still currently writing Chapter 8 of The Sword of Aranus. I should have the next part up soon. I’ll also have more ghost stories coming too. I have a whole bunch more of them! And of course more of the Cardinals. I may blog about the Rams too.  You’ll also get more of this stuff and maybe some comments about current events. I don’t know, we’ll see. 

This year I also watched American Idol the whole season. First time for that. I usually just watch the auditions. The a young woman named Janelle Arthur came along. Instantly hooked ya’ll. I listen to country and that’s what she sang. She has spunk and that “it” factor when singing. She was the one I voted for. I knew she had a tough time because there were some really talented singers this year. She ended up the top five and I will forever be a fan. (She’s actually replied to a couple of my tweets on twitter.) First album, I’ll buy. 

Though he won’t read this, a shout out to Alan for graduating eighth grade. I’m proud of you, buddy!

So anyway, that’s it for now. Thanks for two years and keep coming back!


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