St. Augustine Lighthouse

Throughout the years, quite a few ghosts have been reported at the St. Augustine Lighthouse. Among the ghosts that reside here are the voice of a lighthouse builder’s daughter who drowned near the lighthouse; a large dark, male spirit around the water collecting cisterns in the basement, where he allegedly hung himself; and a cigar-smoking ghost in the fuel house. At the Lighthouse, ghostly activity abounds in all three buildings. In the lightkeeper’s house, which today is a museum, visitors tend to feel a malevolent presence next to one of two cisterns located in the basement, and some say they’ve seen apparitions moving through the space. Others have seen the apparition of a young girl on the third story of the house. It is believed that there are actually two little girl spirits. They were daughters of the lighthouse keeper and of the foreman when the new lighthouse was being built further up on the island. According to the local historical society that provides tours of the area, the girls were playing on a cart with the daughter of the foreman. Apparently, the brake was loosened, sending the cart hurtling toward the inlet below. Three of the 4 girls (2 of the keeper’s daughters and the foreman’s daughter) were not saved in time and drowned when the cart flew into the water. Occasionally, you can hear girls giggling in the vicinity of the lighthouse. It has also been said that thirteen pirates were executed and buried behind the lighthouse.


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