Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery Chicago, Illinois

This small, abandoned cemetery should have faded into obscurity and probably would have if not for the 100 or so reports of eerie phenomena that have been reported there. Some have called it the most haunted place in America. The apparitions include a mysterious, phantom farmhouse with white porch pillars and a porch swing that squeaks until you approach it. There’s also a pond on the grounds that legend says was a dumping ground for murdered gangsters (despite no records of bodies ever being found there). The pond is not only haunted by the restless souls of the unavenged murdered, but also by the ghost of an old farmer, who was pulled into the water by his plowhorse. Of course, no haunted cemetery would be complete without its lady in white, and Bachelor’s Grove has one, too. She can be seen wandering the grounds, babe in arms, on nights when the moon is full.


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