Cards Notes 5/19/13

Jaime Garcia went on the Dl with a shoulder strain. Described as more painful thean last year, it appears he’s headed for surgery. After much discussion on who would take his spot, (Many had Joe Kelly, Seth Maness, Carlos Martinez, and Michael Wacha.)  the Cards called up Lefty Tyler Lyons, or I should say they will when it’s his turn. They just brought up Mitchell Boggs to replace Garcia so another transaction is coming. I’m thinking Joe Kelly to get him some starts . We’ll see.

Joe Strauss of the Post Dispatch is a columnist I enjoy reading and following on twitter. He called me a “young GM clucking” about who’s going to be called up. Thanks Joe, I take that as a compliment! Though I believed it would be Martinez getting the start, he believed it would be Maness or Kelly. My own assumptions about why I didn’t think it would be Kelly or Maness were partly right and Kelly’s  last appearance didn’t help him. Well Mr. Strauss didn’t answer my question on if he thought it would be Tyler Lyons. He didn’t reply back. Come on Joe, I wanted to to know what you thought. 

Bernie Miklasz, who I enjoy as well, was kind of caught off guard as well. Read his article here.  To read the counter on that article, it’s here.  Both have good pros and cons to the argument.

Jake Westbrook threw some thirty pitches today. Don’t have anything on that yet. Chris Carpenter has a side session on Monday and a simulated game on Wednesday, I believe. If all goes well, he could be off to a minor league assignment and a chance to rejoin the rotation in June. Would be a big boost to the club.

Cardinal Player of the Week (5-12 to 5-18) Matt Carpenter 10-25 with 2 doubles, 5 rbi’s, and he scored 6 runs.


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