St. Louis Cardinals Game 44

Shelby Miller is a really good pitcher with amazing stuff. AS good as he’s been this year, as soon as everything clicks for him, the rest of the National League better watch out. Tonight he again struggled with command issues, throwing way too many pitches early in the game. He has electric stuff, he just needs to work on harnessing it more. That being said, he had a chance to win this game but after walking two batters in the sixth, he was pulled for Fernando Salas. Salas is talented and it hasn’t clicked for him yet either. I cringed when he came in, just like I do when it’s Joe Kelly coming in. I knew it and it happened on the second pitch. Eventually, another run scored when they got out of the inning. Mitchell Boggs made an appearance. His second pitch was blasted into the right field stands. He then recorded the next six outs, five of the ground outs.

The hitting problems are resurfacing. They are way too talented to not be hitting like they’re capable of. I don’t want to hear about how the weather affects the power. They’re not hitting for power like they’re capable of. One home run the last four games and that was the grandslam by Freese Friday night. They scored their first run on an error after two walks were issued and their second was on a double play. No rbi’s at all. Molina, Holliday, Craig, and Freese really need to start turning it on.

So this 4-2 loss shaved theri lead to 1 1/2 games due to the Reds wining against the Mets. Dam Wainwright looks to pitch better than he has been lately. The “ace” needs to ace up.


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