The Russellville Girl – Russellville, Kentucky

The story goes that a young girl was waiting for her lover to come pick her up one night for a dance. It was a terribly stormy and dangerous night as lightning illuminated the sky and rain fell in sheets. She was very anxious about her boyfriend driving in such weather and she stood near the front window of the house, anxiously watching the dark road outside and hoping for some sign of his oncoming headlights. Just then, a bolt of lightning struck the house and somehow passed through the front window. The girl was killed instantly by the lightning. Some say the girl was killed because she cursed God for causing it to rain on the night of the dance. She was angry because she would ruin her party dress when she went out into the rainy weather. The curse caused her spirit to be trapped in the glass forever. Although no one can remember the girl’s name they don’t have any trouble remembering what she had looked like, because the lightning created a photographic imprint of the girl on the pane of glass in the front window. For many years, every time that it rained, the girl’s image would appear on the glass. No matter how hard the owners cleaned the window, they could not erase the image. As years passed, owners of the house desperately boarded over the window to keep away the curiosity-seekers and more recently, the window has been painted over.


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