Bertha Gifford Update

This past Friday on Investigative Discovery’s Deadly Women Show,  a segment on Bertha Gifford was showed. I haven’t seen the episode yet and I’m not for sure if it was mangled or not. Since the episode aired, I’ve had a lot of blog hits so I’m going to list some links to the posts I’ve made concerning her.

Increased Knowledge

A Piece of Mind About Bertha

Bertha’s Ghost

Weird Bertha Dream

Field Trip

Bertha Gifford and Ghosts

The Haunting Truth of Bertha Gifford

I’ll be adding some more info in the coming days.

Here’s some links to Kay Murphy’s blog about Bertha. Kay is the great-granddaughter of Bertha. She wrote a book titled “Tainted Legacy” that details her search for details of her great-grandmother’s life. The book is available at

The Truth About Bertha Gifford

Missing Mizzou

A Picture of Bertha Gifford


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