Bertha’s Alleged Victim List

This is a list I’ve compiled of the known deaths and some that some have linked to her but are not readily accepted.

Henry Graham                    1906

Emilie Gifford                      1912

Jimmy Gifford                     1913

Bernard Stuhlfelder          1915

Sherman Pounds                1917

Jim Ogle                                 1917

Beulah Pounds                     1918

Margaret Stuhlfelder         1921

Beulah Pounds                      1922    

Irene Stuhlfelder                 1923

Mary Brinley                         1925

Ethel Schamel                       1925

Loyd Schamel                       1925

Elmer Schamel                     1925

Leona Slocum                       1925

Birdie Unnerstall                 1926

Caswell Brinley                     1927

Ed Brinley                               1927         

My records are incomplete as I had a couple more but lost the information. Update when I can.


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