Snow! Snow! And More Snow!

Currently we’re engulfed in one of the worst winters we’ve had in years, at least here in Missouri.  Even the great ice storms of 2010-2011 didn’t compare to this. (I remember the December 2010 storm with great spite because I slipped and fell on the sidewalk and work and suffered a concussion. Didn’t know where I was for the longest time.) Last Sunday we received around nine or ten inches of a white, wet mess. My little puppy dog, Jakers, tried to relieve himself but had one heck’uva time try to walk in snow that almost buried him. What was worse was the cold temperatures that came with it. Monday the high was 0. The lowest was negative 15. That’s real cold folks. By Tuesday it had begun to clear out. Most roads were fine, though the road I live on was a bit treacherous still. The last night, other Nature deemed dropping another inch and a half of snow pretty okay because that’s what she did. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like snow enough. Had some pretty fun times in it but man this overkill. I’m ready for warmer weather. March and April can’t get here fast enough.


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