The Novel

As some of you know, I’ve been working on my Sci-fi novel off and on the last few years. It’s had its moments. There are some things I like and some things I don’t like. It’s finally starting to work more. I’ve left out some chapters I liked but didn’t really need. The genesis of this story goes way back some twenty-six years when I began writing a story called The Star Warrior. It reached five hundred hand written pages plus a sequel that went unfinished at about two hundred and fifty pages. I’ve been using some of that material that I remember. The five hundred page  story no longer exists. I lost it many years ago though I do still have the very first chapters of it. A friend of mine even drew the pictures that I still have of it. I have about 80 percent of the sequel though its not as good as the original. Anyway, back to the main idea of this post. I plan to start a new blog with this story. Don’t worry, this one will remain. I just want this story to hold it’s own. As of this post, I have the first five chapters of my first draft done. I’ve also created a dictionary and a have a decent character overlay as well. I’ll be posting more information on this blog when it comes up.


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