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Something that needs to be said

One more thing for the night. As some of you may or may not know, on opening day, a fan of the San Francisco Giants was savagely beaten to an inch of his life. It’s been seven weeks and he’s still in a coma. Doctors still don’t know if he’ll make a recovery. His assaulter’s are still at large, hiding. Cowards. It’s a shame that an innocent man has to pay the price for the cowardice of two young punks. I sometimes get irate over a game and at the postulating of arrogant teams (Cincinnati Reds) but I still know that it’s a game. Like every other fan I would taunt and jeer opposing teams and their fans but only for fun. I respect MOST teams and their fans and would go out of my way to make them feel comfortable at our park. But to do what these two cowardly punks did is a disgrace. It was a senseless attack just because the man was a San Francisco Giants fan watching the game at Dodger Stadium. I hope these two thugs when caught pay a devastating price for what they did. Baseball is just a game, let it stay that way.


Chaotic Stress

Day two…….

In the effort of trying to make this blog something decent to look at, I’ve run into a small problem……  How in the name of all that is holy do I change the color of the font?????  I don’t know and I really don’t know if I will be able to with this theme. I would love to just create my own background and such but alas this site won’t let me. Though I think when I can afford it I will start my own blogsite with a sitebuilder I know real well.  It’s just chaotic to try something you’re not real familiar with and they don’t explain too well either so what can you do.

I’ve been trying to think how I’m going to go about this. As I stated before I’ve never really blogged before and as far as a journal goes, well the first time I tried to do one of them it kind of backfired on me. That happened back in High School, way back in the spring of 1987. That was my freshman year. Oh what a glorious time that was. Sarcasm is priceless. Anyway I somehow misplaced my journal and all of my notes one day. I wasn’t worried about it till the next day of school. Apparently someone had found it and passed it on. Not to just a person or two, they passed it on TO THE WHOLE SCHOOL. I had stuff on there that was a sensitive nature. I was never so embarrassed in all my life. I never did find out who did it, (I heard many rumors and theories) but I suspect it was a certain friend of mine. I never accused him of it and I let it go but I never forgot.

I think for the time being it’ll be stuff that’s just on top of my head and as I am a die-hard St. Louis Cardinal and Rams fan, I’m sure I’ll go on about that too.  Cards did win today against the Astros. First Place and on to Kansas City!!!

I saw that three people have actually viewed my blog. WHOOHOO!!!

I’ve been reading a Webcomic called Gunnerkrigg Court since September of 2009. It’s an outstanding free online comic written by Tom Sidell. It’s been online since February of 2005. I was very forunate to find it. An old friend of mine named Victoria got me started on it and now I can’t stop reading it. It’s about a girl named Annie Carver while she goes to school at a place called Gunnerkrigg Court. The Court is not your ordinary school as Annie and her best friend Kat find out. Anybodywho likes the Harry Potter series might enjoy this. The link will be added here as soon as I figure this out more.

As it’s almost three in the morning and my three day weekend is just beginning, I think I’m going to end it here for the day or night, depending  on how you look at it. My bed is calling for me and I think I’m going to oblige it.

Thanks for reading my chaotic meanderings. =P

God I hope somebody reads this =P

Okay new to the blogging. I’ve been wanting to do this for a few weeks now. Other things have cropped up. Work, sleep, and mostly stupid stuff. I won’t elaborate on that, I’ll just say that two years of constant working on a hobby went up in flames tonight. Not literally but almost. HA!

A little bit about me. Most everyone thinks they know me but they really don’t. Again, no elaboration. It’s not anything bad, per se, it’s just that I’m guarded. I guess most of it will come out here. Anyway, I’m a man reaching the vertical age of 40, in less than six months. I am totally scared to death. Thirty wasn’t bad. Forty scares the hell out of me. I have three wonderful kids, Elisabeth 13, Alan 12, and Carly 9. Elisabeth is graduating from 8th grade on Saturday. I am so proud of her. I recently made a video of her that I uploaded on youtube. I’ll have to put that link in later.

I do work. I am a cook at Huddle House. You’re probably laughing at that right now. Hey it’s a job and I am really, really good at it. I am not ashamed of  what I do for a living. It keeps a roof over my head and takes care of my little ones. I do enjoy it. I work with some really great people and the store manager Leah is the best.  As this blog continues, I’m sure I’ll be ranting and raving about my work. I mean, it’s a source of funny, funny stories. I’ll have to share some of the past ones as I go along. Oh and just so that anyone I worked with at the Leadington Store read this and saw that i said Leah is the best, don’t think I’ve forgotten about Jim. I wouldn’t be where I’m at without him. He truly is the best friend I have ever had.

Another source of my soon to be lunatic ravings will be about the St. Louis Cardinals and thier season, especially with that idiotic team in Cincinnatti. I don’t want to get started on them tonight because I will go on and on and on about how classless that team and city is. They’re almost as bad as the fans in Philadelphia. I mean who in they’re right mind would pick on someone who has shingles in thier eye, with it swollen so badly that they can’t see? Some lunatics over in the city of douche put up a billboard making fun of Tony LaRussa. Clasless. Tasteless. Shows what kind of people live there. I’m not saying all are bad there but geez. When one of the reds’ owners found out, he immediatley called for its removal. Thank god they have at least one person with brains there.

As I get near the end of this, I want to point out that I’m shooting for at least 500 words per blog. Is that a lot? I have no idea.  If this becomes halfway decent and people actually read the meandering words of a nearly 40 year-old Huddle House cook, maybe I’ll do something bigger. We’ll see…..


Elisabeths video tribute:

My website (Which I’ll go into another time.)

Thanks for reading…….