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1980-2013 All-Time New York Yankees

Line Up

1B Don Mattingly                                     1985

2B Alfonso Soriano                                 2002

SS Derek Jeter                                          1999

3B Alex Rodriguez                                   2007

LF Rickey Henderson                             1985

CF Bernie Williams                                 1999

RF Paul O’Neil                                          1994

C  Jorge Posado                                        2007

DH Jason Giambi                                     2002


C  Mike Stanley                                        1993

IF Robinson Cano                                   2010

IF Tino Martinez                                     1997

OF Reggie Jackson                                   1980

OF Dave Winfield                                    1982

Pitching Staff    

SP Roger Clemens                                   2001

SP C.C. Sabathia                                     2010

SP Tommy John                                     1980    

SP David Cone                                         1998

SP Ron Guidry                                        1985      

RP Rich Gossage                                    1980

RP Dave Righetti                                    1986

RP Steve Farr                                          1992

RP Rafael Soriano                                  2012

RP John Wetteland                               1996

RP Mariano Rivera                                 2004

MGR Joe Torre                                        1998


This was one of the hardest but yet funnest team to put together. Lots and lots of star players having star years; especially the starting pitching. I was worried about the bullpen because of Rivera’s successfully long career. The hitting was so great too that I had to leave off a few players like Don Baylor, Steve Sax, Gary Sheffield, Willie Randolph, and Wade Boggs.  Next team up is the California/LA Angels.      


1980-2013 All-Time Los Angeles Dodgers Team

Line Up

1B Eric Karros                                 1999

2B Steve Sax                                    1986

SS Rafael Furcal                            2006

3B Adrian Beltre                           2004

LF Pedro Guerrero                      1985

CF Matt Kemp                                2011

RF Gary Sheffield                        2000

C  Mike Piazza                                1997


C  Paul LoDuca                              2001

IF Jeff Kent                                     2005

IF Cesar Izturis                             2004

IF Todd Zeile                                 1997

OF Shawn Greene                       2001

OF Raul Mondesi                         1997

Pitching Staff

SP Fernando Valenzuela          1981

SP Orel Hershiser                        1988

SP Ramon Martinez                    1990

SP Clayton Kershaw                   2011

SP Hideo Nomo                            1996

RP Jay Howell                               1989

RP Jonathan Broxton                2009

RP Takashi Saito                          2007

RP Todd Worrell                          1995

RP Jeff Shaw                                  1999

CL Eric Gagne                                2003

Manager Tommy Lasorda        1981



The Dodgers weren’t an easy team to do and I’m sure some may wonder about the players I chose. Steve Garvey, Ron Cey, and davey Lopes were pretty much past their prime by the time the 1980’s started. 1988 Kirk Gibson  almost made it but Raul Mondesi’s 97 season was just a bit better statistically and that’s what I’m looking at here. Any comments about the players and why I chose them are welcome. Next team up is the New York Mets. They weren’t really easy either.

Previous teams:

Atlanta Braves

Chicago Cubs

Cincinnati Reds

Arizona Diamondbacks






What’s Been Going On

I’ve had some bad luck the past few weeks. First my computer crashed and I lost a lot of my work , including the last several years worth of work on my website. While most of it remains, it’s going to take a long time to fix it. There’s been a lot of stuff that I won’t be able to get back. Slowly but surely everything is about back to normal again with everything and I have a better virus protection just in case.

With Baseball getting ready to start back up (spring training is already under way!) I’ve decided  to make an all-time roster from 1980 to present of each team. Though I do have memories of prior seasons, 1980 is when I remember the most. So come back and look for your favorite team.

I’ll be posting ghost stories every so often here still as well.