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One Game Away

The title says it all. The Cardinals destroyed Milwaukee 7-1. LaRussa has shown a quick hook, pulling the pitchers early from their starts. Doesn’t matter, the bullpen has been lights out. After the game, I noticed the boards were absent a lot of Cardinal haters. Does that surprise me? No. There were a few hardcore idiots out there. You know, the ones that like to make fun of LaRussa’s shingles illness earlier in the year and claim it’s from alcoholism or wonder if McGwire is providing syringes. Really? Are we that jealous? Seriously? Geez, talk about bad apples. Though the funniest one said he went to Wisconsin and said he couldn’t distinguish¬†between farm animals and their women folk. I had to reply and say it was funny but that the only place that I knew of like that was Cincinnati. Yeah I hate the Reds. Anyway, after a day off on Saturday, they’re back at it in Milwaukee. Edwin Jackson vs Shawn Marcum. Go Cards!!

I was a grumpy old man at work tonight but a ray of sunshine made me feel better. Whats that all about? Not telling, at least not yet. Not till I can get a better read on the situation. More on that later.

Speaking of later, after Saturday, my internet runs out and it might be a week or two. Don’t know. So this place will be eerily quiet for a bit. I’ll try and post a few stories before I go and I’ll make sure I blog one more time. I’ll be jotting down some stories to tell and maybe come up with a few more ideas. I hate being without internet but it happens sometimes. I’ll be back on when I can. I promise that.

My kids are coming over next weekend and I’m glad for that. It’ll go by fast, which it usually does, but it helps keep me focused. I love them more than anything and without them I’m nothing. They define my life in the greatest sense because I know I did four great things in my life that no one can ever take away.

The story I posted tonight is a small one I wrote during the time I watched Avatar The Last Airbender frequently. Great show. I miss watching the episodes. Anyway, it’s a small little story set in the future with Aang and Katara (now married with kids) visiting Mount Mackupu, the place from the episode The Fortuneteller. Ironically, later information regarding the new Avatar cartoon about the new avatar ¬†Korra says that Aang and Katara did get married and three kids, which I predicted, though I got the names wrong. =P Still a good story plus I have some artwork that someone made for me. Please read it, I do believe it’s good fanfiction.

Well it’s time to end this tonight. i’m tired and the bed is calling. After I write a page or two in my novel. I’m getting there on that. Thanks for reading!!

500 Words! WhooHoo!!!!!



So I took a night off from writing. Why? Well because I wanted to. I needed to reflect on what I wanted to say. I think for the most part I want to focus on the storms we’ve had the past few days and whats happened since, especially in Joplin. I do have some things to say about that lunatic in California. You know the one who keeps predicting the end of the world. I might wait and say something about that tomorrow. There’s other things that need to be said right now.

The tornado that hit Joplin was horrendous. At first given an F-4 label, its been upgraded to an F-5. Thousands of buildings have been demolished including the St. John’s hospital, which suffered a direct hit. At this writing, 125 people have been confirmed dead, making it the deadliest tornado in sixty years. Some of the dead have touched our hearts like Skyular Logsdon, Tami Moldenhauer-Campbell, Will Norton, and Zachary Williams. We can’t forget these people. Ever. It tears me apart reading about the missing and the dead there, especially the ages.¬† The weather again pounded more thunderstorms on the Joplin area since the tornado hit. Mother Nature has a serious mad-on for us right now.

And today we got more bad storms. Tornados hit north and south of us. The wind was freaky and it rained something else. My brother was disappointed we didn’t get anything worse. I’m glad we didn’t. My other two little ones were in the storm path and I was quite worried. Hopefully the weather gets back to normal. I created a photo page with some pictures of the devastation in Joplin. They aren’t pretty.

I enjoyed my day off today. Took Elisabeth out to eat for her graduation. She wanted to eat at Huddle House. We did against my better judgement. It’s not that I don’t like the food, it’s just that I’ve eaten so much of it the last couple of years that I’m tired of it. We then went shopping at Save-A-Lot and Dollar General. We were going to go bowling but the weather made us postpone it. Elisabeth wasn’t too upset but she was disappointed. Now she nags at me about wanting to use the internet. She just got her facebook page three days ago and now she has more friends than I do. LOL!!! Good for her. She is quite happy about it, though the person she wants to talk to the most hasn’t been on it.

The Cardinals lost a heartbreaker tonight. 3-1 to San Diego. Chris Carpenter pitched another good game but the Cards just couldn’t score any runs. Milwaukee won putting them 2 1/2 back while I do believe the Reds were losing. One of thier sportswriters is still trying to get things going again by badmouthing the Cards. Het, Buddy, you’re team sucks right now and are in third place. Shut the hell up!!!! Idiots.

Well as I wrap this up for the night, I want you all to remember the victims of Joplin. I get vacation time this summer and I’m thinking about going there to volunteer with the clean up. Also remember I have a special rant for Mr. Harold Camping. Oh I’m chomping at the bit to rip on him. Tune in for that one. It’ll probably be tomorrow.

Check at the top right hand corner to view the photos I found on the Joplin tornado aftermath.

As always, thanks for reading!!! =)